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The Wills and Probate Team here at GoodyBurrett can help you prepare a Will which will take into account your personal circumstances and requirements. You may need help with Inheritance Tax Planning or you may need a very simple straightforward Will.

Before you come to see us you should consider the aspects set out below:-

Executors and Trustees

You can appoint up to four Executors. The Executors are the people who will sort out your estate and ensure that your wishes contained in your Will are carried out. If you have children under the age of 18, then it is wise to have two Executors because that child's share of your estate would be held in trust for them until they are of age. An Executor can be a family member or a friend, as well as being a beneficiary under the Will. If you prefer you can appoint the Partners of this firm to be your Executors and they will deal with the full administration of the estate on your behalf.


If you have young children you need to consider who would look after them in the event of both of their parents dying. You should of course approach the person or people you are considering appointing to make sure that they are happy to act in that capacity as it is quite an onerous position.


You can include specific gifts within your Will which could, for example, be a piece of jewellery or it could be a sum of money to a person or a Charity.


This is the remainder of your estate once all of the liabilities have been settled and other specific gifts made and also after the payment of any taxes. This can be left to whoever you wish but you should bear in mind that if you have a spouse, child, partner or anyone else who is financially dependent upon you in one way or another, then if you do not consider them as a beneficiary under your Will, then they can make a claim on your estate. This scenario can be discussed further with us to ensure that no problem can arise in this regard.

Funeral Directions

You may also include your funeral wishes in your Will as guidance for your Executors and these can be restricted to whether you wish to be buried or cremated. It is possible to place a more specific list of your wishes with your Will if you so desired.

You need to be aged 18 or over to make a Will. If you subsequently marry after you have made a Will and your first Will was not made "in contemplation of your marriage to that person" then that Will will be revoked by your marriage. Divorce can also affect your Will and it is always wise to seek advice whilst you are going through this process. If you have not made a Will then you will have died intestate and there are statutory rules which set out who receives your estate. This means that it might not necessarily go to the beneficiary whom you would like to benefit. If no relatives can be found to receive your estate then everything could pass to the State.

When you have considered all of this the next step is to make an appointment to come in and see us when we will be happy to discuss your requirements. See below for our checklist of information so that you may have this in advance of the meeting.

We sometimes are able to offer Free Wills for the over 55’s in conjunction with various charities which run for a specific period. Please telephone us to check availability in this respect.

Wills checklist

If, for any reason, you are unable to come to our office we are happy to make home visits by arrangement.